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Bigger, thicker-looking hair

Join the revolution! The bouffant hairstyle was allegedly created for Marie Antoinette by her hairdresser in 18th century France. The teenage queen had relatively thin hair and wanted thicker-looking locks. BOUFFE is a world-first, dry spray containing a revolutionary formula (patent pending) which boosts roots and maximizes hair volume.

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Revolutionary Formula

Patent-pending bespoke formula. Contains silica silylate, a highly efficient thickener. Gives a matt-look to help bulk up hair by increasing friction between hair fibres.

Volumizes & texturizes

Weightlessly holds and texturizes for maximum volume.

Boosting root volume

Instant root-lift.

Covers re-growth

Available in six non-permanent shades to help cover re-growth on coloured hair.

Lasting hold

Holds style in place.

Lock in style

Seals colour and locks in volume.

Light Blonde Hair

BOUFFE Dry Spray for Light Blonde Hair boosts root volume, covers re-growth and also helps to conceal thinning hair. It has significant anti-aging benefits and is perfect for touching-up roots in between salon hair colouring sessions. In addition to volumizing and texturizing, the oil-absorbing properties of silica silylate means BOUFFE is amazing for second-day hair. No more flat-looking locks! Revive your style by simply scrunching with your fingers'. Washes out with shampoo.

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    #bouffeselfie We all know that a fab hair do really makes us feel better, and this certainly does
    Emma, Bournemouth
  • #Bouffeselfie we all know that a fab hair do really makes us feel better, and this certainly does
    Jo, Wales

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6 August 2014

Make your Colour Last Longer

22 July 2014

You’ve spent a lot of money on getting your hair colour looking rich and vibrant, you’ve sat through hours of awkward small-talk with your hairdresser whilst she lacquered your hair in a substance so pungent it started to make your eyes water.

So at all costs you want to make the most of your newly-dyed do for as long as possible and banish any roots that dare to creep through, right?

BOUFFE has a range of dry sprays for blondes, brunettes and ladies with black and silver hair. By disguising the roots and giving your hair lift and volume, your salon colour will look luscious and full of life for longer.

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Improve your Morning Routine

22 July 2014

It’s 6am on Monday morning. Wouldn’t it be great to hit the snooze button one more time, before beginning your lengthy morning routine?

Instead of shampooing your hair, followed by the ever so time consuming blow-dry style process, shake up your morning routine with BOUFFE Dry Spray. With a revolutionary formula, BOUFFE is designed to give instant root lift, cover re-growth, whilst giving the illusion of a salon blow-dry.

It really couldn’t be easier, and with 6 different colours to choose from, there is a BOUFFE Spray perfect for your shade of hair colour.

With a morning time-saver like this, you can hit snooze a few times on a Monday morning and still walk out the door with thick and beautifully styled salon-looking hair.


Larger Than Life Hair

22 July 2014

Marie Antoinette was infamous for her larger than life hair; teased and coiffed into trend setting fashion forward styles.

Even though she was rumoured to have thin hair, that didn’t stop her from creating larger than life hair styles. As an icon and style maverick, she is the royal inspiration behind BOUFFE Dry Spray.

For us modern hair mavens, creating the long-lasting voluminous hair styles can be a bit of an investment. As you’ll know, there is nothing better than stepping out of the salon with professional styling and a perfect blow dry. Until the next day that is, when you can’t seem to recreate the volume with similar salon results. No matter how much you practice, you can’t seem to get back the oomph of the volume or style.

That’s where BOUFFE is your miracle hair product.

From tousled, sexy locks to hair updo’s that defy gravity. BOUFFE is your secret weapon to creating larger than life hairstyles.


The Science Behind BOUFFE

7 July 2014

You’ve heard dry sprays promising to give you instant lift that will last for days, but BOUFFE hair is revolutionary as it has been formulated with next-generation science to give you even better results, every time.

Our spray contains silica silylate, the remarkable ingredient that is responsible for creating friction on the fibres of your hair, giving the illusion of root lift and bags of volume.

And the best bit? It’s light and hair-colour friendly. No clumps, no white powder that looks deceptively like it’s raining dandruff on your shoulders. It’s all designed to absorb moisture, get rid of excess oil and make your hair feel like cotton-candy.


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