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Larger Than Life Hair

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Marie Antoinette was infamous for her larger than life hair; teased and coiffed into trend setting fashion forward styles.

Even though she was rumoured to have thin hair, that didn’t stop her from creating larger than life hair styles. As an icon and style maverick, she is the royal inspiration behind BOUFFE Dry Spray.

For us modern hair mavens, creating the long-lasting voluminous hair styles can be a bit of an investment. As you’ll know, there is nothing better than stepping out of the salon with professional styling and a perfect blow dry. Until the next day that is, when you can’t seem to recreate the volume with similar salon results. No matter how much you practice, you can’t seem to get back the oomph of the volume or style.

That’s where BOUFFE is your miracle hair product.

From tousled, sexy locks to hair updo’s that defy gravity. BOUFFE is your secret weapon to creating larger than life hairstyles.

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