Bouffe professional hair thickening spray, instantly restores what your hair has been missing, with one daily application.

Many hair products on the market offer volume but Bouffe is award-winning because it’s much more than a styling volumizer.

Specifically developed for fine, thin or hair that simply needs a ‘boost’, Bouffe is a ground-breaking formula, which volumizes and texturizes resulting in fuller, thicker-looking hair, in an instant.

  • Fine hair
  • Low-density, thinning hair
  • Hair that needs a quick volume boost
  • Volumizes & texturizes
  • Covers re-growth
  • Boosting root volume

Your 2 minute hair transformation

How to use Bouffe

A quick and easy solution for total hair confidence that lasts all day.

  1. Step one Prepare and apply

    Use on dry hair only. Protect clothing. Lift hair in sections and spray sparingly across roots where volume or coverage is required.

  2. Step two Prepare and apply

    Allow to dry for 1-2 mins. Use fingers to tease hair into desired shape, avoid brushing.

  3. Step three Prepare and apply

    To revive your style at anytime, simply scrunch hair with fingers. Washes out with regular shampoo.

  • 7:15am
  • 7:20am
  • 3:45pm

The science behind Bouffe

Thinning or low-density hair?

Hair thinning affects millions of women for many different reasons. If you suffer from thin or low density hair, you’re not alone. Now you can restore hair confidence everyday.

That’s why we created

Award-winning formulation An industry first

Bouffe is a truly innovative product, which combines silica silylate, for maximum volume and texture that lasts, with a high quality colour pigment for root coverage. The effect is bigger, thicker-looking hair, instantly.

  • Silica silylate

    Volumizing & texturizing

    Silica silylate is a highly effective thickening and oil-absorbing ingredient. It works by bulking up hair and is what gives the roots maximum volume and texture that lasts. Often described as a ‘cotton-candy’ feel, the hair can be scrunched at anytime to reactivate the style.

  • Non-permanent colourant

    Natural-looking coverage

    So why use a colourant? Grey roots can make the scalp appear ‘transparent’ and more visible. The high quality colour pigment in Bouffe helps disguise root re-growth, creating the illusion of fuller-looking hair. Currently available in four shades: light blonde, brown, dark brown and black.

  • Weather resistant
  • Washes out with regular shampoo
  • Unique, award winning formulation
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Natural looking coverage

Customer reviews

  • 5 out of 5 stars16


    "I LOVE this spray. For the first time I feel more relaxed about my hair and not so conscious."

  • 4 out of 5 stars16


    "It’s a great product and the can lasts for ages. Much better than volumizing dry shampoo which I used before."

  • 5 out of 5 stars16


    "My mum suffers from mild alopecia and this product has really transformed her confidence."

You’re ready to go. Just choose your shade.

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